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Hi, I’m Alison 👋

A Lincoln-based Kiln Fired Glass Artist

I’ve always loved crafting and spent many years running a mixed-media craft business with my husband Iain, doing exhibitions, teaching and craft retreats.

During this time I dabbled in Mosaic and stained glass, which finally led to the world of Kiln Fired Glass.

Many of my pieces are inspired by nature – my husband Iain and I spend hours taking pictures of the trees and woods. The beautiful movement of the water at the beach, and the sun rising and setting. I’m amazed at the different colours in the sky, and how it changes over the day, especially from the mist in the early morning to the bright blues in the day.

All my products are handmade in my little studio, then fired in my kiln for many hours. My larger pieces may need several firings – to add layers, movement and texture. Once cooled I cold work the piece, and then Iain does any drilling/cutting required.

All my base glass/powders and frit are from Bullseye Glass – A highly reputable supplier that has ethical solid policies on emission controls, public health and safety 

I hope you love my glass as much as I do 😍

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